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        In a collision of two universes, two brothers, fervent admirers of a glorious past,
resolved to reinterpret this art from an avant-garde perspective
that fused audacity and respect.


For Ilyas, it was the urge to experiment and push the envelope of this distinguished legacy by putting it to the test of ultra-modernity and functionality.

For Adil, it was the role to play in safeguarding traditional techniques, in preserving the secret and the integrity of methods that are in themselves a revival of the heritage of humanity.

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Meftah house means to perpetuate the value of sharing, by bringing together talents from the world over, fostering a creative alchemy between designers, architects, artisans and artists.

Within this creative maelstrom, copper sheet craftwork opens doors that were hitherto unconsidered, and projects itself into a world that constantly redefines its curves and contours.


 At the origin of each creation, a workshop - or what some would consider an experimental laboratory that unsettles artisanal conceptions and drives them beyond their comfort zone.

This emulation merged with an ever-constant urge for renewal infuses the house Meftah with the desire to create anticipatory objects: artifacts. At times a sculpture, at others a painting or conceptual design, the artifact embodies a genre that is uniquely its own, sui generis.